our theory of change

A tradition of giving !

We are guided by deeply held belief that all lives have equal value and were raised knowing it’s important to give back to the community. Our coaches come with the values of volunteerism and civic engagement. Making a difference and adding value to the lives of those who work tirelessly is the driving force behind iOwn. It is the reason for its existence.

Resource for human potential !

Creating a platform for our community of practice, from the corporate or otherwise, to stand for a cause that speaks to them. Bringing coaching to the grass root level where coaching is a little expensive affair and empowereing changemakers with a system of tools, skills and resources to accomplish their noble goals.

Inspiration to Action !

iOwn is setting the wheels in motion for a movement to transform the world and forever change the view. The movement ‘from Inspiration to Action’ challenges its associates with some of the key questions, which if answered, take them closer to realising their dreams.

The questions being:

  • What do you STAND for?
  • What would you like to be KNOWN for?
  • Which cause INSPIRES you?
  • What do you want to BE?

All over the world there are millions of people who have walked many miles so that people live a better life. The scale of initiative becomes less important than the change it brings about. These people have a dream to create something that will make their life meaningful. A little bit of push and hand holding can help them improvise their work, empower them and transform them to being a hero, a leader. When experienced coaches hold their hand and take them through their journey of transformation, they scale new heights of success and proximity to their vision.

The finest of the coaches empanelled with iOwn are already making an impact in the lives of those with whom they connect. They will work alongside change makers to enable them harness their true potential and reach their goals with commitment. For practicing coaches driven by a calling to make a difference in the world, it is a meaningful initiative to enable change makers convert their goals to reality.

Who we serve

iOwn serves individuals and organisations which are working in the social development space to bring in a social change. The strength of these individuals and organisations lies in their ability to work tirelessly in achieving the change that they are set out for. These are the people who don’t preach others to bring a change, rather they OWN it to bringin the necessary shift both within and without. iOwn empowers these change makers to move from Inspiration to Action!

We work with changemakers through coaching partnerships thereby enabling them to develop themselves and grow their initiatives that have social impact. Coaching sessions further develop their authentic leadership which help them create socical impact with profound intensity.
The authenticity of the coaching relationship comes from the partnership between the coach and the coachee. It is a collaborative process that takes place in an environment of confidentiality and trust. This partnership allows the coachee to discover the new possibilities and plan actions around his core values and objetives.

What we offer

iOwn is all about establishing a mutually beneficial partnership between change makers and coaches. In a 6 month coaching partnership between the two, the former goes through a transformational journey for self-development. The coaches on the other hand get an opportunity to not only add to their number of coaching hours but also expand their spectrum of influence, to go deeper within and discover the cause that they stand for. Empanelled coaches, leaders, and graduates from Erickson Coaching International along with its India partner, Inspire Coaching Systems, have several thousands hours of experience in coaching individuals and teams from various organisations and industries.

Our Theory of Change

iOwn works with change leaders and the ecosystem where these changemakers can become who they already are and bring in the desired revolution to the world. Empowering changemakers, the force of social evolution, with the tools and deeper awareness to accomplish their noble goals. We believe that change can happen provided we are willing to bring the necessary change within. It could be letting go of our own presonditioned identity or behaviour, or our ability to uproot ourselves from the existing environment and plugging into a much wider canvas where we could breath and give colors to our dreams and values. See More !

our theory of change

Coaching framework

Approach Diagram / Coaching framework See More !

Approach Diagram