We derive our inspiration from our international partners including Inspire Coaching International and Erickson Coaching International.


Inspire Coaching Systems

Inspire Coaching Systems stands for credibility, clarity and collaboration. We are committed to enabling and transforming talent beyond imagination and expectation. Inspire is the coming together of enlightened minds, with a vast range of experiences, equipped to meet the demands of an ever changing work environment.

We promote positive attitudes, adopted by those who consistently achieve the perceived unachievable, transforming ordinary people into extraordinary people. Blending this with skills and techniques, putting the learner at the forefront is a powerful recipe for success.

Our highly professional team specializes in helping individuals reach their goals through personal development and accelerated learning workshops and programmes.


Erickson Coaching International

Erickson Coaching International pioneers accredited coach training and leadership development Globally. With the mission 'Changing the world one conversation at a time'.

We deliver Solution-Focused Coach training to raise self-awareness, inspire personal growth and create positive transformation throughout the globe.

Pioneered and developed by Marilyn Atkinson, Ph.D, Solution-Focused Coaching is an advanced coaching model that integrates the profession of coaching with a highly developed body of personal growth methodologies. Erickson’s programs combine masterful coaching with proven Ericksonian principles and unique Solution-Focused techniques.